National Prison Radio visit

We had a very successful and informative visit to HMP Brixton to see and experience the excellent work that National Prison Radio, which is based here, is doing. The Fund gave a grant in 2023 to enable the Prison Radio Association to work with men to create new radio content. Prisoners visit the studios daily over a three month period and are taught by experienced presenters how to interview, to formulate and edit programmes and actively contribute to the radio’s impressive programme.  National Prison Radio is available in prisons across England and Wales and is broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week into the prison cells. 70% of prisoners listen to NPR and 50% feel more confident about successfully returning to life in the Community after hearing something informative and practical on the radio. Programmes range from chat and music shows to motivational and invaluable advice, reading and current news and culture.  It was apparent from the prisoners we met that they had much improved communication skills, self-esteem and confidence having been given the opportunity to take part in this scheme.